Electric USB heating cashmere scarf - bag

Simple to use:

Connect the powerbank to the USB cable and put it in the  invisible pocket (bag). Press the control button longly to turn the heater on / off. Press it briefly to change the power (red - strong, white - medium, blue - low). Heating starts in red power. It is preprogrammed to automatically go blank after reaching the maximum temperature. You can go back to red by pressing the control button.

Indicative duration of heating: up to 28 hours in continuous heating  with powerbank of 20 000mAh, up to 14h in continuous heating  with  powerbank of 10000mAh

Rechargeable Powerbank USB : 5V ( not included, extra charge of 25€ pour 10 000mAh) 

Can be washed up to 40 ° C, without twists.

Use only dry: Never use heating to dry the scarf.

  • Ideal for cold, winter, skiing etc.
  • Mobile, lightweight, easy to wear and place on any part of the body
  • Relieves local discomfort or pain all over the body: Place the heating side on the place of discomfort
  • soft quality cashmere material
  • size: 200x70cm folded in half to 200x34cm double thickness
  • 3 powers : Blue (29 ° C), White (38 ° C), Red (46 ° C) *
  • With a special heat guidance system toward your neck
  • With 2 discreet perfume diffusion pads behind the brand to preserve the skin: soak the pad with your favorite perfume (or order one of our perfumes) 
  • Avoid allergies, cancer or do not damage your skin anymore! With the BoVito system the scent is less harmful: deposit the perfume (or essential oil) on the perfume diffuser in your clothes or jewelry.

  • With a pocket - bag invisible about 23x21 cm for your things: power bank, phone, papers etc.

* approximate temperature outside

Made in France

Unisex, premium quality scarf unifying the cashmere quality with the cotton softness.

80% premium quality fine cashmere / 20% cotton for extra softness

The house BoVito has imagined, in its creative studio in Paris, scarves unifying aesthetics, quality, softness and functionality to transform your life into "art de BoVivre" (Art of living well!)!

You will find scarves:

  • in solid color,
  • with embroidery - the embroidered emblem houses rechargeable and exchangeable felt pads. Put perfume on the pads and do not damage your skin!
  • diffusing perfume
  • customized for free (with embroidery of your image or name) : visit this category. Glow in the dark embroidery (your letter in fluorescent color or other color of choice) or various designs.

You can always match your scarf to your bag, hat gloves, or mismatch them for more fancy

Scarf, high quality scarf

Dimensions: 200x70cm folded in half to 200x34cm double thickness

Washing Advice:

If you want to keep the quality and softness unique, use dry cleaning. Otherwise, washing below 35 ° C may be suitable.


You can use the form on the right to choose the color, embroidery, perfume diffuser or send us a message specifying your wishes. We will contact you later for more details.

Options with stars are mandatory to select.



  1. Black
  2. Dark Green
  3. Navy Blue
  4. Wine Red
  5. Pink
  6. Magenta fushia
  7. Gray
  8. Sapphire Blue
  9. Red
  10. Scarlet red
  11. Khaki yellow
  12. Goldenrod yellow
  13. Light Green
  14. White 

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Electric USB heating scarf - bag, unisex, cashmere

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